8 Kardashian’s Rare Photos Which They Do Not Want You To See


1. The Video tape which made Kim soo much popular.



Well-Well, this video tape of Kim  Kardashian blown everyone’s mind when it spreaded online for the very first time. Kim became a celebrity in a night, as every media company was behind of her to tell the whole story of this scandal

It was the night of several positions for Kim Kardashian with (then) favorite love interest Ray-J.

2. Kim Kardashian tanned.


To go for one of her promotions, Kim expected to put all ‘dark’ make-up. She took a selfie, just as somehow or another it spilled on the net. It made a touch of discussion around then, anyway today people groups have very overlooked this.

3. Poker face of Kim.


Apart from parading her benefits, riches, and butt, there were times when Kim ‘unintentionally’ flaunted her bizarre conduct before a camera. Presently, this is exactly what you call ‘an unscripted TV drama.’

4. At the point when Kim did not look like Kim Kardashian.

Discussing about the (at that point) Kim, she had not been as acknowledged as she is presently. She used to wear geeky specs around then.

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