12 Scenes Which Actors Wants To Forget Like A Worst Dream

Margot Robbie In Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie who acted as a villain in Suicide Squad wasn’t satisfied with some of the scenes from this movie. While shooting she felt awkward about her costumes where she had to wear shorts and torn t-shirt.

Talking about her movie she tells that there was one scene where she had to fall in bowls of chemicals which is worst moment in her career life because after this shot the liquid entered in her various body parts and right after coming out of chemicals she had to look to lovingly at Joker.


Kurt Russel in The Hateful Night

In this movie there is one shot where Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a role of an old ballad on guitar and then the hunter which is portrayed by Kurt Russel comes and smashes the guitar.

The musical instrument used in this movie was worth $40,000. The actor was unaware of this fact and when he comes to know about it, he felt bad about this scene.


Keira Knightley in A Dangerous Method

This movie describes a relationship between psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung and one of his patients. According to the story, in one of the $ex scenes, Keira Knightley’s character had to be spanked by Michael Fassbender’s character.

This particular shot was difficult for actress. Later on, she admitted in one of her interviews that sometimes she took several v0dka shots before shooting.


Josh Brolin in Avengers: Infinity War

We definitely love Josh Brolin who acted as Thanos in Avengers but later the actor admitted that Murder scene of Loki was appalling for him because Thanos had to make sure that Loki dies.

There was one scene where Thanos strangulates Loki which was brutal according to Josh Brolin.
Moreover, Josh was sad about Tom Hiddleston since this was his last scene in the movie.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World

Chris Hemsworth who acted as Thor in the movie series was very uncomfortable in showing his chiselled body in front of camera. In an interviewed,
he tells that he even tried to convince the director not to play shirtless scenes, but he didn’t budge.

And same happened during shooting Thor: Ragnarok where Chris was relieved that he was dressed in first part of the film but afterwards director needed some excitement in movie.

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

It is considered as one of the most explicit TV series. There were some bed scenes between Carl Drogo and Khaleesi where Jason who acted as Carl Drogo covered his thing between the legs with a pink fluffy sock because,

Emilia was very nervous and uncomfortable while doing one scene.

According to Emilia, he started being hysterical so she forgot about everything which resulted in cancellation of the shoot for the day.

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