8 Tricks Before Going To Bed For Couples

8 Tricks Before Going To Bed For Couples

We Ignoredone made a quick little list of some tips which are very effective from the point of view of psychologist. Don’t miss the bonus content we made for you.

It is the first and foremost thing that you should give time to your partner, It does not matter how much time you spend with your partner but the matter of fact is, you should spend quality time with your partner.

In a happy relationship, couples just want presence of each other nothing else, to show love to show how much they care for you and they will be your side no matter what !

1. Bring The Notification Ring Down and Put Aside your phone

Social media has taken a major part of our day, that will cause you low release of Oxytocin in your body. It is very essential hormone for int|macy and bonding between each other.

PsychotherapistCarlo Carey” Advises you following, simple thumb rule:-
Turn off your phones, or keep it on silent at 9:00 PM Dot.

2. Work at office not at home

It would be quite beneficial for you and your mental health to work only in your office. Don’t take your office’s tensions with you to your home. Try to make your persona like you are two in a one person.

Which means after the office day ends you are a family guy not and employee of your office. Talk with your family your children and try to avoid talks like financial problems and about your loans & EMI of your car, Talk about productivity and positivity.

3. Sleep at same time with your partner.

It is a major problem of many couples that they sleep at different time. It is very important to sleep with your partner at same time.

According to psychologist Cart Smith , Happy couples brush their teeth together and sleep at the same time. It helps them to develop bonding, int|macy and warmth between them.

4. Make a Rigid Routine

It is a requisite of healthy relationship that you should follow a hard and rigid routine of your day to day activities.

Your Brain transmits signals to each other and prepares accordingly to your routine and will tell that this is your dinner time and this is your bed time.

By following this your would increase the next level bond with your partner and also increases your int|macy.

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